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Creating A Jewel Box

For me, powder rooms are meant to be jewel boxes. I find its the one place you can splurge for that gorgeous wallpaper or fun stone mosaic you have had your eye on but just can't commit to for a larger room. No matter your style, you have permission to push the envelope here and have fun with it! With that in mind, let's talk about how we made a jewel box out of the Hollywood Hills powder room.

This room easily became the fanciest room in the house and I adore it! The minute you step into the powder room, you know it's truly special. Let's take a look at how it all started ...

Here's the original powder room. The house was built in 1940 and it has not been remodeled or changed since! I had lots of ideas for this space when I first saw it. Everything had to go except for that mirror. It has so much detail and character and the finish was beautiful. It easily became the focal point of this space and the inspiration for the new design.

Once demo started, there were some interesting things found. Oh if these walls could talk! I would be here for all the stories with drinks and snacks ready to go! But I digress, here's what we found. Pretty cool, right?

Now that we had a blank canvas for this space and an antique mirror as our focal point, I knew we were going to wallpaper this space. Something soft and botanical and in the blues as that was the client's favorite color. We decided to use a William Morris wallpaper - so perfect and so pretty!

Next up was lighting. I knew I wanted to add wall sconces to compliment and illuminate our antique mirror and I found a pair that did just that! Matching any new finish to an antique is always a challenge. Luckily, the new sconces had the right amount of warmth in the finish to flank the mirror just so.

The vanity. This was a challenge. The space for the vanity was tight so a traditional vanity wasn't going to work. I also knew I wanted to somehow make the room feel bigger with a vanity that was less somehow. Enter the traditional metal washstand - The perfect solution to my dilemma with the right stone and unlaquered brass finish. It is truly something so special and perfect for this powder room.

Here is it is all beautifully done! The open metal washstand definitely helped make the room feel bigger. All the warm golden tones make this space feel inviting while the light, botanical wallpaper welcome a sense of calm. You can see all the detail in the antique mirror here and how all the elements of the room compliment this original piece. I love how this powder room turned out - a true jewel box.

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