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A Revitalized Cottage Kitchen

When it comes to entertaining, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. My clients purchased this charming cottage just steps away from Ventura Beach and were thrilled by its generous dining room and living room area that opens onto a large outdoor deck with an ocean view. It’s an absolutely stunning location and layout!

However, the cottage had a small galley-style kitchen, making it more difficult to cook and entertain guests, which my clients love. The kitchen simply didn’t have enough space for people to gather. Everyone would always get in each other’s way and there wasn’t enough counter space to prepare or serve food for a larger group. Here are the before pictures to see how we transformed this space:

The goal of this kitchen remodel was to create a larger, more open space that would be perfect for cooking and entertaining. Here is the original floorplan:

We began by removing the wall that separated the kitchen and entry and relocating the front door to open up the space and create a more open flow between the kitchen and the great room. This alone made a HUGE difference. We could then incorporate a generous island that provided much more storage space, seating for guests, and ample counter space to bake and prep meals with friends and family. Here is the new kitchen floorplan:

The new kitchen is a spacious, light filled space that welcomes and invites everyone in. We kept the overall look clean and simple with lots of character and details.

Other tasteful design choices were a tall bookcase for her book collection and a mudroom with a built-in bench, hooks for guests’ jackets, and open shelves for hats, along with additional storage.

Now the cottage flows more gracefully and makes anyone who enters feel right at home. My client gets so much joy out of the new design and loves having guests over.

Is your kitchen lacking the space and inviting feel you would like for cooking and entertaining guests? Book an Initial Design Session today to explore what’s possible and begin the process of redefining your home.

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